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How to Get and Use Waterbending in Fortnite

You have the power to make your own destiny, Korra.

The Legend of Korra has arrived in Fortnite and with it comes the Waterbending ability. This new mythic weapon lets you use the power of water and ice against your enemies. Read on to find out how to get and use Waterbending in Fortnite.

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How to Get Waterbending in Fortnite

The new mythic weapon in Fortnite is the power of Waterbending. You can find this ability as floor loot and in regular or rare chests anywhere on the island. As it is a mythic rarity item it can be pretty hard to find so look out for a golden shining book on the ground. Of course, if you are lucky you can always pick one up from any loot your opponent drops when you defeat them!

waterbending in fortnite
Image Source: Epic Games via Twinfinite

How to Use Waterbending in Fortnite

After you pick up and equip the Waterbending book, a ring of water appears around your character. When the circle is complete, this shows you have a full arsenal of water to use. When it appears as droplets, this means you are running low and should reload. You can reload just like you do with any other weapon or you can jump into a river or pond to reload your ability instantly!

The Waterbending power allows you to shoot Ice Projectiles at your opponent. It is more accurate to aim and shoot rather than shoot off the hip. Each shot that hits your enemy can deal around 20-30 damage and they can be hurled pretty quickly.

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Image Source: Epic Games via Twinfinite

The best thing about this new power is that when it is equipped, you will heal steadily while in water. You also swim faster and recharge the power as you go, truly harnessing the power of water!

Next up, find out how to get your hands on the Banana of the Gods or how to use the Chains of Hades.

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