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How to Get Metal Accelerant in The First Descendant

Find out how to get this essential material needed to craft Descendants!

Metal Accelerant is an essential material needed to craft parts to unlock, recruit, and use Descendants in The First Descendant. There are 11 possible Descendants to choose from, with the choice of Ajax, Lepic, or Viessa being immediately available to you at the start of the game. However, filling out the rest of your roster is not so easy.

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The game requires you to grind and gather a hefty amount of materials to unlock each character. Metal Accelerant is essential for you to craft a variety of the important parts needed to access each Descendant. Rather than scouring the game’s vast maps and regions, there is thankfully a straightforward way of acquiring Metal Accelerant in The First Descendant. We go over it below!

The First Descendant: How to Get Metal Accelerant

To get Metal Accelerant in The First Descendant, you must either loot Munitions boxes or break open Resource boxes that you come across in the Sterile Lands region. As there is no set location of either Munitions or Resource boxes, your best bet is to roam around the map in Sterile Lands, opening any you find along your path.

Resource box and Munitions box in The First Descendant
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Munitions boxes appear as grey cylinders that you can interact with to open. Resource boxes, on the other hand, are smaller orange boxes that you must break open with either a ranged or melee attack. When opening either of these in the Sterile Lands, there’s a good chance you will receive some Metal Accelerant, though it’s not a guarantee. You can get Metal Accelerant while playing on either Normal or Hard difficulty.

Despite no definitive locations for these boxes, thankfully your search for Metal Accelerant is narrowed down to the Sterile Lands only. This will make things far easier when hunting for this elusive material. Just hop into the Sterile Lands and start breaking some boxes!

What Is Metal Accerlant in The First Descendant?

You will need Metal Accelerant to craft parts to unlock Descendants in The First Descendant. It’s one of the many materials you will need to craft the various Enhanced Cell, Stabilizer, and Spiral Catalyst parts for the 11 Descendants currently available in the game.

Here is the exact amount of Metal Accelrant (and its corresponding part) you will need for each character in The First Descendant:

CharacterPartsMaterial Amount
AjaxStabilizerMetal Accelerant x270
BlairSpiral CatalystMetal Accelerant x270
BunnyStabilizerMetal Accelerant x270
FreynaEnhanced CellMetal Accelerant x270
GleyStabilizerMetal Accelerant x270
JayberSpiral CatalystMetal Accelerant x270
KyleStabilizerMetal Accelerant x270
LepicSpiral CatalystMetal Accelerant x270
SharenEnhanced CellMetal Accelerant x270
ValbySpiral CatalystMetal Accelerant x270
ViessaEnhanced CellMetal Accelerant x270

After collecting all the Metal Accelerant you need (in addition to meeting the requirements for any other materials), you can craft the necessary part by visiting Magisters Anais in Albion.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Metal Accelerant in The First Descendant. For more like this, check out our Weapon Transmission Guide and How to Farm Kuiper Shards here.

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