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How to Get Facet of Command in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

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Destiny 2 The Final Shape’s introduction of the Prismatic subclass lets you tailor your custom build to suit your own tastes more than ever before. There are 21 fragments in total, and not all of them are easy to find. So, today we’re exploring how to get the Facet of Command in Destiny 2 The Final Shape.

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How Do You Get the Facet of Command Fragment?

Out of all of the Prismatic Fragments you will be hunting for in the Pale Heart, the Facet of Command is one of the more complex ones. Here’s what to do:

Spawn at The Impasse

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The quickest way to where you need to go is from The Impasse waypoint. From there, you will head down the freeway toward the wall and into the door with a light above it. This will lead you into The Divide, where the chest that unlocks the Facet of Command Fragment is located. You know you’ll be going the right way when the path starts getting frosted with snow buildup everywhere. Keep going until you reach the room with an ice crystal in the middle and a wall with missing panels to the left.

Find the Fake Wall and Jump In

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Now, you’ve already likely passed an ice formation or two on your way into this room. You’ll also have likely noticed that these ice crystals are immune to whatever you throw at them. That’s okay though, because you’re going to want to look at the wall on the left with the missing panels. There are a few spots where enough space has been made to jump in through the gaps.

From there, you will see two Fallen deposit machines and then another machine to your left you can use to transmit in a Scorch Cannon.

Transmat a Scorch Cannon

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The machine on the left will allow you to call in as many Scorch Cannons as you like. Once you’ve called one in, pick it up and head back to the outer room where your first ice crystal is waiting. You can also safely leave a Scorch Cannon behind once you’ve started bringing elemental charges back to the deposit machines.

Destroy Every Pile of Ice in The Divide

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Using the Scorch Cannon allows you to demolish each ice crystal with one blast. You’ll need to hunt down each ice crystal within The Divide. Now, on the way to The Divide, you will have likely already passed two ice piles, and if you keep going past the chest room you’ll find another three. In particular, there is one ice crystal that’s off the beaten path as you continue past the chest room. This crystal is up on a ledge off to the right of the pathway that leads out of the chest room

The rest of the crystals can be found naturally leading up to and beyond the room with the chest. Once they’re all destroyed, each crystal gives you an elemental charge, which means you’ll be running back to the machines quite a bit.

Deposit Every Elemental Charge in the Two Deposit Boxes

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Each elemental charge gives a specific amount of power to the machine; Void charges give four bars, Solar gives three, and Arc gives two. All in all, you’re going to need two Void elemental charges, two Solar charges, and three Arc charges to fully charge both machines. A good way to divvy up the charges is to give the first machine one Arc and two Void charges, while the second machine gets two Arc and two Solar charges.

Defeat the Subjugator of Control

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Once both machines are powered, you will start getting swarmed by enemies Lucent Hive and the new Dread faction. After a handful of escalating enemy waves, the Subjugator of Control will spawn in the room, and they use Stasis abilities to slow or freeze you. Thankfully, this boss and the enemies that are spawned aren’t all that challenging.

Hit them with your Super and/or Transcendance grenades and melee, and that’s likely all that you’ll need to put them all down for good.

Open the Chest and Enjoy Your New Prismatic Fragment

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Once the Subjugator has been dealt with you’ll have the key needed to open the chest. As for what the Facet of Command does, you can find that information below:

  • Freezing or depressing a target reloads your equipped weapons and increases weapon stability, aim assist, and airborne effectiveness.
  • Defeating frozen or suppressed targets creates a Stasis Shard or Void Breach.

This is a pretty multifaceted fragment, no pun intended. Not only is this fragment useful in PvE but PvP too. Freezing an enemy player mid-fight rewards you with a free reload and an easier time putting them down. The Stasis Shard or Void Breach spawned after doing so is just icing on the cake. I would recommend using a Stasis grenade unless you’re one of the prismatic subclasses that gets a suppression grenade—like the prismatic Titan’s literal suppressor grenade.

The fact you can use a Stasis grenade and a melee of any other kind of Light or Darkness means that collecting Stasis Shards will keep your powered melee ability up far more often. For example, using the prismatic Titan’s wombo-combo of the Glacier Grenade with the Thunderclap-powered melee is all the better when combined with the Facet of Command fragment.

If you aren’t a prismatic Titan, the other prismatic subclass’s transcendence grenades make it easy to freeze enemies so you can get some use out of this fragment that way.

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