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How to Get and Use the Chains of Hades in Fortnite

Unleash the Chains of Hades!

A new weapon has been added to Fortnite, continuing the Ancient Greek God theme of Chapter 5 Season 2. The Chains of Hades is a close-range weapon you will want to grab ASAP, especially since it is featured in a couple of the new Midas quests. Find out below how to get and use the Chains of Hades in Fortnite.

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Where to Find the Chains of Hades in Fortnite

The Chains of Hades are found in regular or Rare Chests and can occasionally be found as floor loot. As it is an Epic rarity weapon you are most likely going to find it in Chests or Supply Drops.

Image Source: Epic Games via Twinfinite

You may also find a Mythic version of the Chains of Hades by defeating the Boss NPC in the Underworld. Hades can drop the Chains and a Mythic Harbinger SMG when he and his hordes are defeated.

How to Use the Chains of Hades in Fortnite

The Chains of Hades can be used in two different ways. The first is to deal damage while they are a short distance away. The second is to throw out the chains and pull the enemy closer in order to attack.

Image Source: Epic Games via Twinfinite

The Chains of Hades currently do 40/40/70 damage in consecutive hits, making it pretty powerful. the only downside is that it requires you to be up close and personal with the enemy, which could allow them to get a headshot in with a shotgun.

To use the chains effectively, you will want to take your enemy by surprise. Use the hookshot to pull them towards you when they least expect it. At that point they will be disoriented, allowing you to get a couple of good hits in with the chains again.

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