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How to Get and Use Bifrost Keys in Hero Siege

Let's get to some new locations!

Learning how to use the Bifrost Keys in Hero Siege is definitely something you don’t want to skip on, as these keys are quite a rare item and you don’t want to find yourself unprepared. So, let’s find out all about how to get and use Bifrost Keys in Hero Siege.

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How To Get Bifrost Keys in Hero Siege

Bifrost Keys in Hero Siege are just part of the overall random dropped items that you can get by defeating mobs in Hell, albeit they are quite rare as a drop. They are also obtainable through daily quests. Naturally, you can also buy one from the Auction House, even though you might be ready to pay quite a few millions rupees for it.

How to Get and Use Bifrost Keys in Hero Siege - choice of two options by Heimdall
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How to Use Bifrost Keys in Hero Siege

But what does the Bifrost Key do and how to use it? Basically, the Bifrost Key opens up the path to reach an NPC named Heimdall. In order to reach him, follow these steps:

  • With the Bifrost key in hand, go to the portal.
  • Teleport to Astral Encampment.
  • Find the pedestal in the north-east of the map.
  • Use the key in your inventory and then use the pedestal to activate it.
  • It will open up a path to Heimdall.

Keep in mind that once you use a Bifrost Key, it is gone. If you want to reach Heimdall again, you will need another one. The Northern God will offer you two options each time, basically locations that you can travel to. Once you have selected it, step into the portal in the center of the room and use it. Here are the locations and the probability that they will spawn:

  • Sheeponia (20%) – A dungeon with axe-wielding sheep to defeat and legendary loot to find.
  • Mists of Chaos (13%) – A map where you have to defeat waves of enemies thrown at you.
  • Challenge Dungeon (12%) – A harder dungeon than usual with monsters higher than your level, it allows you to acquire a glyph.
  • Chaos Tower (12%) – A twelve-story tower with a fight with King Rakhul as the final boss.
  • Ruby Garden (8%) – A map with a random amount of ruby garden chests and 40% loot bonus calculated per hell difficulty.
  • Niflheim (8%) – In a snowy level filled with runes, get ready to fight strong enemies and also find strong equipment and weapons.
  • Asgard (8%) – A small map with a few enemies and lots of dropped loot to pick up.
  • Uber Boss (8%) – Fight one of the strongest bosses in the game, such as Uber Damien, for a big reward.
  • Angelic Realm (5%) – A map in the sky with chests to open and loot to pick up.
  • Vanaheim (3%) – A snow-covered map with lots of chests and loot to pick up, you will also find an NPC who predicts your fortune, informing you when the next drop is.
  • Rift of Fortune (2%) – A map with lots of chests to open and loot to pick up. The best option.

It is worth noting that selecting a location to teleport to won’t guarantee that you will actually go there. Instead, you might be teleported to an empty map with only a teleport to go back, meaning that you have effectively wasted your Bifrost Key. Better luck next time.

That’s all you need to know on how to get and use Bifrost keys in Hero Siege. For more on Hero Siege, check out our guides on how to complete the Hunger Issue quest.

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