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How To Fix ‘Fetching Online Profile’ Error In Warzone

Having trouble with "Fetching Online Profile" Errors in Call of Duty Warzone? Today we discuss ways you can fix this.

“Fetching Online Profile” errors have been plaguing Warzone as of late, as countless users have reported this same error, so don’t worry; you aren’t alone. Since this is such a rampant problem, we’ve put together a walkthrough on how to fix the “Fetching Online Profile” errors in Warzone. Here is everything you need to know.

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Why Can’t I Play Warzone?

If you are unable to access Warzone, it might be due to a recent update that has gone a little haywire. The most common problem stems from the Fetching Online Profile error that sets players into a constant loop. This error is currently affecting players on Jan. 17 because of the newest update.

Thankfully, it looks like the developers are aware of the issues, as they tweeted out that they are investigating. You can check the progress of it through their Trello.

If you are experiencing any further issues, and this isn’t one of them, the game might simply be down. To find this out, follow our guide to check on the server status of Warzone.

How To Fix ‘Fetching Online Profile’ Error In Warzone

Thankfully, it shouldn’t take too much to fix this error, assuming it’s not being caused by server issues.

  • Restarting Your Console – More often than not, simply restarting your console and game will fix most errors in your game. However, you might have to do this a few times if it doesn’t work immediately.
  • Restart Your Router – Routers are the heart and soul of online games, and sometimes restarting your routers will fix your connection issues. Similar to the console, you might have to do this a few times if it doesn’t work right away.
  • Update Your Game – After you have finished restarting your console and router, ensure your version of Warzone is fully up-to-date, as sometimes the game can run into errors if you aren’t running the newest version.

That’s everything we know for now on How To Fix “Fetching Online Profile” Errors In Warzone. As stated above, the server connection issues are the most significant reason why you are experiencing the error, and once those are resolved, you should stop seeing the error. For more Warzone coverage, check out our links below.

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