Tchia maano camp
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How to Clear Maano Camps in Tchia

Kill it with fire!

The open-world adventure game Tchia is all about exploration and problem-solving. The only combat in the game happens when you go to clear the Maano camps. They’re not difficult to beat, but they do require quick thinking. Here’s everything you need to know about clearing Maano camps in Tchia.

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How to Clear Maano Camps

Tchia maano camp
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All the basic Maano camps in Tchia have the same objectives — burn all the Maano Soldiers (enchanted fabric monsters) and fabric piles. Throw flaming or explosive objects like oil lamps, gas cans, burning logs, and Ijagit at them, and avoid getting caught by the Soldiers.

All Maano camps have at least one fire and several oil lamps and gas cans lying around, and some also have piles of Ijagit. Soul Jump into any of these objects, then Soul Throw it at a Maano Soldier or fabric pile to burn it.

There are larger Maano camps located in factories. To clear the factory Maano camps, you’ll also have to destroy the Maano Sentinels with explosive items. The Sentinels keep watch from strategic points around the factories but don’t chase you like the Soldiers do.

Once you’ve destroyed all the Maano Soldiers and Sentinels and burned all the fabric piles, the Maano camp will be clear.

How to Escape Maano Traps

The Maano Soldiers and Sentinels try to catch Tchia in their fabric traps. Keep moving, and don’t stay in one place for more than a second to avoid getting ensnared by the Maano. If you do get caught in their fabric, escape by repeatedly pressing A.

PRO TIP: Don’t like button mashing? You can change all button mash interactions to hold interactions in the game settings.

If Tchia runs out of stamina while tangled in the Maano fabric, she’ll wake up in a cage inside the Maano camp. To escape, Soul Jump into a nearby object, such as an oil lamp, fire, animal, or rock. You’ll Soul Jump out of the cage when you possess the object.

Helpful Tips

Tchia Maano Sentinel factory Mwaaken
Screenshot by Twinfinite via Awaceb, Kepler Interactive, Awaceb S.A.S.

You can pick up explosive objects and throw them the old-fashioned way, but Soul Throwing is much more effective. It gives you more control over the direction and force of your throw, making it easier to hit your target.

Mwaaken are legendary totems that have powerful flame-throwing abilities. Soul Jump into a Mwaaken to take down Maano Soldiers, Sentinels, and fabric piles, even from long distances. Sail to Ieji Sinoe, complete the rock stacking challenge, and learn the Soul Melody to summon legendary Mwaaken, or you can find them at special shrines around the archipelago.


Burning all the fabric piles in regular Mwaaken camps will reveal unmarked Valuables Chests. Clearing the larger Maano camps in factories will reveal rare large Stamina Fruits, and eating these will give Tchia a permanent five-point stamina increase.

Now you know how to clear the Maano camps and factories in Tchia! Before you go, check out our other Tchia content in the links below.

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