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How to Use Acorns in AFK Journey

Two hundred acorns to go from Mythic+ to Supreme?! I'll have to start saving.

You must’ve noticed that when you’re recruiting heroes, you’re also getting faction-specific Acorns. Now, what are they used for, and can you get them some in other ways? Well, answers to that and more are just below. Here is everything you need to know about Acorns and how to use them in AFK Journey.

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Using Acorns in AFK Journey

In AFK Journey, Acorns are used for hero ascension, and their consumption depends on the heroes’ faction and rarity. The other thing you’ll need for ascension is Soul Sigils, which are essentially duplicates of your characters.

Now, upgrading S-Level characters (start out at Epic/Gold) requires much more Acorns than A-Level characters (start out as Elite/Purple). Also, Celestial / Hypogean heroes don’t need them at all. So, if you just want a quick run-down of ascension requirements for each tier, check out the table below.

Ascension Requirements

Ascension TierA-Level HeroesS-Level HeroesCelestial / Hypogean Heroes
Elite+1 Soul Sigil//
Epic3 Soul Sigils//
Epic+4 Soul Sigils1 Soul Sigils1 Soul Sigils
Legendary5 Soul Sigils50 Faction Acorns1 Soul Sigils
Legendary+8 Soul Sigils2 Soul Sigils1 Soul Sigils
Mythic10 Soul Sigils100 Faction Acorns2 Soul Sigils
Mythic+12 Soul Sigils2 Soul Sigils2 Soul Sigils
Supreme200 Faction Acorns200 Faction Acorns2 Soul Sigils
Supreme+20 Soul Sigils2 Soul Sigils4 Soul Sigils
Total63 Soul Sigils + 200 Faction Acorns7 Soul Sigils + 350 Faction Acorns13 Soul Sigils
AFK Journey ascension requirements table

How to Get Acorns in AFK Journey

Now, you’ll need a lot of Acorns if you want to ascend all the best heroes in AFK Journey, and there are three main sources from which you can get them:

  • Recruit – You can check the rates at the Tavern (Prize Pool button). All-character recruit has a chance to drop faction-specific Acorns, while others drop Omni Acorns, which you can then convert to whichever faction you want.
  • Noble Path – AFK Journey’s battle pass. You’ll get a couple of acorns for free, and you can buy the premium pass for even more.
  • Legend Trial – The best place to get Acorns. You unlock it once you clear AFK stage 166, and it works the same way as the Factional Tower from AFK Arena (four ladders, one for each faction, and only characters from the same faction can challenge a ladder).

Well, that’s all we’ve got on how to get and use Acorns in AFK Journey. Hopefully, now you have all the info you need to ascend all of your favorite heroes. Also, do check out our list of AFK Journey codes, as they’ll score you the easiest diamonds you’ll ever get in this game.

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