A boss in Dream Realm in AFK Journey
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AFK Journey Dream Realm Guide

These bosses are not pushovers.

Like AFK Arena before it, AFK Journey has its boss rush mode called Dream Realm. So today, we’re offering you a guide on how to beat AFK Journey’s Dream Realm. That way, you can dive into combat-heavy action, knowing exactly what to expect.

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What is Dream Realm in AFK Journey?

Simply put, Dream Realm is a mode where you take your best or favorite team composition in AFK Journey and go up against four different bosses. These bosses rotate daily and list as the following:

  • King Croaker
  • Necrodrakon
  • Skyclops
  • Snow Stomper

Each of these bosses have different strengths and weaknesses. It’s a nice touch for AFK Journey to let you know what heroes work the best against each boss, too. The whole point of Dream Realm is to deal as much damage as you can to these bosses. Every five percent of the first boss’s HP that you delete rewards you with goodies. These range from training manuals to diamonds, to high-level weapon selection chests.

The daily rotation of bosses in Dream Realm in AFK Journey
Image Source: Farlightgames via Twinfinite

Once the first boss is vanquished, you have the opportunity to fight a higher-difficulty boss that hits much harder and has more HP. Thankfully, you still get rewards for reaching certain percentages of the boss’s HP gone. The difference in higher boss difficulties is spread out over every 10% HP instead of the first difficulty’s every 5%.

That said, if you can defeat a boss, the reward will be Invite Letters for the All-Hero Recruitment in the Noble Tavern. If you are struggling to beat these bosses, there are a number of things you can do to quickly power up your heroes. Outside of leveling your heroes with AFK resources and ascending them with duplicate copies, don’t forget you can equip and forge low-level gear to higher levels—giving each hero class a substantial boost.

You can also use a variety of redeemable codes to gain diamonds and gold to further boost your heroes. Beyond the bosses and rewards themselves, you’re also constantly competing against other players’ teams and how much they’ve been able to damage bosses each day. This is shown as your current ranking each time you eventually die to whatever boss difficulty your heroes achieve.

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