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10 Best Ways to Make Money (Koen) Fast in Arena Breakout Infinite

Not so easy money.

Arena Breakout Infinite is the latest extraction shooter on the market and that means trying to extract with as much value as possible. Today, we’re giving you 10 ways you can make more money, called Koen, in Arena Breakout Infinite.

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Arena Breakout Infinite is more like Tarkov than really any other extraction shooter and is certainly one of the best shooters released this year so far. Because of that, during raids, you’ll find all sorts of items that you may want to sell, or look valuable at first glance. Thankfully, each item gives you an estimated value, telling you how much you may get if you sell it on the Marketplace. Even cooler is how extracting gives you another total estimate of the value of everything you extracted.

How Do You Make More Koen in Arena Breakout Infinite?

Play as a Militant Scavenger

In Arena Breakout Infinite, you can either gear up and raid as an operator, or you can go in as a militant—the faction of scavengers that bots are portrayed as. As a militant, you get a random loadout of guns, rigs, ammo, and armor and are spawned into a raid sometime after it officially starts. Playing as a militant can be a less stressful way of scavenging the corpses of other bot scavengers, players, and map loot that player operatives left behind in their hurry to extract.

You can play as a militant every 15 minutes too, so there’s no reason not to take advantage.

Playing as a militant
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Hang Around Militant Bots

When you play as a militant, you’ll quickly learn that the map’s bot population won’t attack you because you’re a part of their faction. The most they will do is talk to you when you’re nearby, or coordinate with other nearby bots when a player operator is nearby and hostile. That right there, is what you can take advantage of.

This is because you can use bots as gun-toting enemy detectors and join them in the firefight against other players. Additionally, they will sometimes lead you to a body you can scavenge, they won’t even get mad at you if you loot their kills.

Complete Missions During Raids

Sure, you can loot bodies and find valuable resources, but missions are another layer of potential money and experience that shouldn’t be ignored. Some missions are simple, like finding an envelope (that is easily shown where to find it on the in-game map) and delivering it for an easy 7,500 Koen. Other missions are a bit more difficult.

For example, extracting 200k worth of money cumulatively over your various raids can take some time, but the reward is over 30,000 Koen. Alternatively, some missions will have you visiting certain areas and looting or getting some kills while there.

A matchmade party in Arena Breakout Infinite
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Team Up and Hunt Other Players

This is something you’ll always be doing regardless of whether you play as a militant or decked-out operator. That said, if you turn on Auto-Match when playing as an operator, you’ll get put into a squad of two to four players in total, making the entire raid a bit easier, especially against other squads. There’s really no downside to this either, since friendly fire isn’t a thing in Arena Breakout Infinite.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about greedy teammates grieving you at the start of a match. You don’t get ALL the loot when you roam as a squad but nice players will likely avoid stealing the loot from your kills.

Sell Guns, Ammo, & Attachments, Not Armor

When you start raiding, you may feel incentivized to pick up enemy helmets or armor, especially since they can be worth several thousand Koen. What you should consider is how much space those helmets and body armor take up. Sure, you’ll always want to equip the best armor, and the biggest backpack and chest rig you find, but I wouldn’t consider them the best loot.

What’s best are the guns you can find off players, or the better militant guns like the SKS or better shotguns. Additionally, you will likely find gun attachments lying around in and out of the map’s various cases. These parts can go from a couple thousand each to several tens of thousands, and take up much less room than armor.

Selling items in the market in ABI
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Visit the Stables and Motel on the Farm

Out of the two maps currently available, I generally prefer Farm for the way it funnels people and for the concentration of loot in certain areas. The Stables and the Motel specifically, while hot zones of PvP action, give huge opportunities to players who want to extract very valuable items. Valley can be good and similar in these ways, but its reliance on longer-range gameplay with less cover can add up to be more challenging.

Those two spots on Farm are especially nice if you’re a militant scavenger, as you can loot it and your NPC buddies will watch your back for you—if they are still alive.

Play on Higher Raid Difficulties

Unlike Escape from Tarkov, Arena Breakout Infinite’s tactical ops raids can be played on multiple difficulties that have gear requirements to join, but offer tougher militants with better loot all around. Most will stick to playing on Normal since it has no gear requirement outside of the game recommending you bring certain things. However, if you want to play on the Lockdown Zone difficulty, the gear you bring will need to be worth around 30,000, combined with a 5,000 Koen fee to get in.

This guarantees the loot from other players and bots will be better. The same can definitely said for the Forbidden Zone requiring your gear to be worth 80,000 Koen with a 12,000 Koen fee to play. The risk is definitely higher, but the rewards are the best by far, and quite lucrative.

Loot the Various Medium or Large Cases

On every map, not just Farm, there is a variety of small, medium, and large cases. These cases are what you’re going to want to check and learn where their spawns are because of the loot in them. Some of the best things you’ll find are valuable magazines and gun attachments that don’t take up a lot of space, yet sell for a small fortune. This is especially true if what you find is a high-powered scope or silencer.

The cases that are found behind locked doors are definitely the ones you want to try to get into as well.

The safe on the Farm map
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Consider the Battle Pass and Events

Arena Breakout Infinite has a battle pass that will likely help line your purse with money as well as other goodies. The beta in Arena Breakout Infinite had a limited event that rewarded players who logged on with hundreds of thousands of Koen, so it doesn’t seem unreasonable to assume the full version will have more of that, just more fleshed out, much like the mobile version.

These won’t be a primary source of funds needed to enjoy the game, but they will likely help here and there in between losing streaks.

Directly Pick Up Koen

Finally, the last way to get some more money in Arena Breakout Infinite is to directly pick up Koen as you play. I say this because every now and again you’ll find small clumps of cash on shelves, countertops, and on tops of crates or cases. You can also loot some from any cash registers that you find. Earning Koen this way is certainly not the most profitable but if you didn’t bring any Koen with you, and you find enough, you can take one of the extraction points that require Koen.

Ultimately, there are a few ways to make some money in Arena Breakout Infinite. Hopefully, the devs will continue to refine the game and its economy since there are so many other aspects of ABI that are excellent.

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