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I could build a castle out of all the memes...

With her rollercoaster of relationship dramas, prolific back catalog, and intense fanbase, there is no wonder so many memes exist about Taylor Swift. It was tough whittling them down to just ten, but we have the list of our top favorite Taylor Swift memes ranked right here!

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10 Best Taylor Swift Memes Ever Made

Swifties are an enthusiastic and, at times, scary bunch of fans who adore Taylor and her music and are obsessed with every move she makes. And who wouldn’t be? Taylor pours her soul into her music and her entire heart into her relationships so her fans can feel it whenever they listen to her songs. Of course, she is much more than just a music-obsessed romantic. Swift is also a cat-lover and awkward dancer! All these things make for some amazing memes made by her fans.

Taylor swift meme 1
Image Credit: Fefa on Twitter/X

2023 saw the release of a much-anticipated album, 1989 (Taylor’s Version), and fans were beside themselves with excitement. Many Swifties were kids or young teens when the first 1989 version came out, so to see it return with its full Taylor stamp of approval was beyond joyous. And, of course, this prompted some reflective and nostalgic memes.

Taylor swift meme 2
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Any new release from your favorite artist feels special, and this was especially true for Swifties. They had been waiting two years for this, so it was kind of a big deal!

Taylor swift meme 3
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Constantly ready to defend their queen, Swifties will always have the receipts to back up their claims. Taylor has been a lot more than ‘just a country singer’ for years now, and anyone who disagrees can just check how many awards she has won for her pop albums. She has gained awards for Favorite Contemporary Artist, Song of the Year, and Artist of the Year at the 2013 American Music Awards and continued this winning trend every year since.

The anticipation felt by Swifties when waiting for a new album to be announced is palpable. Taylor is well-known by her entire fanbase for posting hints and secret codes about her next project, as well as just outright lying that she isn’t working on anything at that moment!

Taylor swift meme 8
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Even if she was telling the truth, I doubt her fans would believe her anyway. Taylor works so hard and is a natural songwriter, so she is undoubtedly writing new material as I write this. Swifties know this, so they never believe Taylor when she says she’s not working on a new album. For most fans, her music is integral to their happiness, so this Maslow parody meme is not far from the truth.

Taylor swift meme 4
Image Credit: GoofandGoosey on Reddit

Aside from wanting the next big album to drop as soon as possible, Swifties wish for nothing more than to see Taylor happy and in love. I mean, Taylor’s relationships and her music are intrinsically linked, so this should be no surprise. Plus, most Taylor Swift fans are walking encyclopedias regarding Taylor’s past boyfriends. And they never forgive or forget…

taylor swift meme 6
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One of Taylor’s most significant exes was Jake Gyllenhaal. The pair dated back in 2010, and although it was a brief romance, Gyllenhaal inspired a few of Taylor’s songs. The epic ballad ‘All Too Well’ is the most referenced, especially the line “And I left my scarf there at your sister’s house/And you’ve still got it in your drawer even now.” Even months later, Jake has been seen wearing that very same scarf!

Taylor swift meme 5
Image Credit: ItsCalledRange on Reddit

Even to people who aren’t Taylor fans, her relationships are big news. As a serial dater, Taylor has a list of boyfriends and romantic trysts almost as long as her back catalog. Some are just rumored, while others have been very public and occasionally messy. But hey, they make for some excellent love ballads and break-up songs! Most Swifties have a favorite of Taylor’s exes (Taylor Lautner) and, of course, a most-hated (John Mayer, obvs).

The latest, and we all hope last, to join the long list of lovers is the NFL star Travis Kelce. The Kansas City Chiefs player is popular with the Swifties thanks to his good attitude and wholesome nature. One fan said how good it was that Swift found a man who’s been to therapy in a tongue-in-cheek tweet.

Taylor swift meme 10
Image Credit: Cloud9ineDreams on Twitter/X

The pair seem like a great match, so most Swifties and NFL fans are hoping they make it. And if they don’t… Well, we all know what will happen: a new album’s worth of tracks!

Image Credit: Stopit on Reddit

Another of the Swifties’ favorite things about Taylor is her ‘adorkable’ attitude. Despite being a millionaire and successful world-famous artist, she can be extremely relatable. Her love for her cat (well, all cats, really) and lack of coordination make her truly one of us. She also has a very memeable and expressive face, which we love.

taylor swift meme
Image Credit: MyTallestTiptoes on Twitter/X

The best thing is that she could quite easily be a total diva, but I guess it is a testament to her upbringing that she is still relatively down-to-earth. I mean, look at the meme above: “When I see a kid throwing a massive tantrum in a grocery store, part of me is like, man, I feel you.” See, she goes to the grocery store just like regular folk and wants to throw a tantrum just like us!

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