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Top 100 Amazing Xbox Names

Need some inspiration to choose a great Xbox name? We have some tips for you!

What’s in a name? Well, there is much to it, as a name can not only mean a variety of things, but also communicate your “gamer intent”. And of course, since the name we choose to represent ourselves online is – most often – not one that we are able to change later, it is better to think about it quite carefully. Let’s take a look at our top 100 amazing Xbox names and find out which one might be the best for you!

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Top 100 Best Xbox Gamertags

Top 20 Xbox Gamertags for Multiplayer

If you want to choose your gamertag for multiplayer, it will have to communicate your intent right from the get-go. You want something that is not too aggressive, first as the name cannot be anything offensive, but at the same time, you want it to get the point across to your opponents. Here are our top 20 selection of the best gamertags for multiplayer.

  • LiftLeader
  • RowRuler
  • MegaDriver
  • HookHijacker
  • BounceBruiser
  • DeathMonger
  • ToughViking
  • MechanicKiller
  • RallyRuler
  • LapLooter
  • HitHero
  • HaxxNSlash
  • CriticalDamaged
  • BatBattler
  • ToughInvader
  • GunMaster
  • KillSwitcher
  • HeadShotter
  • HitNDestroy
  • SeekNAnnihilate

Top 20 Fantasy Xbox Gamertags

Are you a fan of fantasy? Chances are that many of your favorite quotes come from Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. So isn’t it great to show off your passions in your Xbox gamertag or name? Here are a few of our favorite suggestions that you can use right away as your gamertag.

  • DragonDreamer
  • HobbitChaser
  • PhoenixPhantom
  • MagerMerlin
  • NagaNavigator
  • FairyFinder
  • GriffinGunner
  • DwarfDominator
  • UnicornUproar
  • BasiliskBasher
  • MermaidMarauder
  • LeprechaunLeader
  • OgreOutgunner
  • ChimeraMystic
  • KrakenHunter
  • CyclopsPursuer
  • MedusaMender
  • SatyrStriker
  • ValkyrieVoyager
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Top 20 Sports-Themed Xbox Gamertags

If you are going to play multiplayer, chances are you are going to go against other opponents or even your friends in any sport or racing game. Thus, you might be curious to check out some of the most unique and interesting sports-themed Xbox names. Here are a few of our favorite ones.

  • GoalGuardian
  • SlamDunkHero
  • HomerunHitter
  • TouchdownTactician
  • TeamTitan
  • SevereStriker
  • PuckPirate
  • FieldFury
  • HatTrickHero
  • BoardBattler
  • GreaterGuard
  • RacketRuler
  • ClubCrusher
  • SprintSprinter
  • PaddlePunisher
  • SkateSkirmisher
  • SurfSurger
  • DashDefender
  • LiftLeader
  • RallyRacer

Top 20 Funniest Xbox Gamertags

Sometimes it’s good to make your opponents laugh so you can stay in their minds long enough, especially after they have suffered a strong defeat. The best way to do so is having a funny Xbox name that they will have a chuckle at. Here are some of our favorite ones.

  • CtrlAltDefeat
  • LinkInAPark
  • GameKid
  • TameGear
  • JustInTime
  • ColdestPotato
  • BotOfFun
  • JavaTheHutt
  • CerealKiller
  • NullAndVoid
  • PixelPerfect
  • Ohno404
  • CrackItRalph
  • BetaUntester
  • SyntaxError
  • InfiniteLoop
  • CodeMild
  • DataMiner
  • DebugAfterlife
  • CodeBlooded

Top 20 Movie-Based Xbox Gamertags

Finally, you want to show off your nerdiness in your gamertag, right? It’s great to get others to know you might be passionate about Star Wars or Breaking Bad, since that might also get you to find a few friends that share your very same passions! Let’s check out some of the best movie-based Xbox names.

  • VaderVarrior
  • HobbitHacker
  • JediJetfighter
  • HeisenbergHarrier
  • TargaryenTactician
  • SkywalkerSlayer
  • PotterProtector
  • LannisterLinker
  • GollumGuard
  • MatrixMarauder
  • FrodoFragger
  • TyrellTactician
  • KenobiKeeper
  • StarkStriker
  • ThorThunder
  • LokiLeader
  • IronInsider
  • WayneWarrior
  • SaiyanSlayer
  • BenderBreaker

We hope that you found something that you liked in our top 100 amazing Xbox names! If you are looking for more information on great Xbox games, check out our guides on best Xbox Series X|S couch co-op games and top 60 best Skyrim mods for Xbox.

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