5 Things We Want to See In Black Ops 6
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5 Things We Want To See In Black Ops 6

Here's hoping Black Ops 6 incorporates at least one of these things.

While we’re still a good amount of time out from the full release of Black Ops 6, information is slowly trickling out. We still don’t know everything, so this is the perfect period of hopefulness. As series fans, here is everything we want to see in Black Ops 6.

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Campaign Co-Op

Black Ops 3 Destroyed Bridge
Image Source: Treyarch

To date, there have been two games in the Call of Duty series to offer co-op in the campaign: World at War and Black Ops 3. Considering the series’ overall focus on multiplayer, this has never made sense to me. Black Ops 3 was made better because you could enjoy the campaign with multiple friends. Not only was this just a good bit of fun, but it also made dealing with the harder difficulties much easier.

The campaign feature of the Call of Duty series is clearly important, and it’s obvious the franchise developers know this. The only game that has ever ditched the campaign was Black Ops 4. However, the Modern Warfare reboot brought it right back.

Traditional Zombies Mode

Black Ops 3 Zombies
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Don’t get me wrong; I have enjoyed the evolution of zombies since the Cold War. However, I wouldn’t mind a return to the bare simplicity of Nazi Zombies with a more strict round-based progression. It doesn’t have to be one or the other, either. A small little offshoot is fine, and then the actual Zombies campaign can continue to flourish.

Even if they only give players the chance to experience another rendition of Nacht der Untoten, it would be worthwhile. For added flavor, this mode could easily also include special unlocks. However, I don’t think you need to give any real incentive to make players flock to it.

VR Inclusion in Black Ops 6

Black Ops 6 Character
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This is almost certainly a just-me thing, but slipping Black Ops 6 into the VR space also makes sense. Tactical shooters like Pavlov and the Firewall games are among the most played VR titles. I could easily see running through popular COD maps in VR and getting to see all the details up close.

I see where this wouldn’t fully work as it means something that Xbox players couldn’t enjoy. Additionally, this could garner new attention on the series. Out of everything I want, I see how this is the least likely to happen. On the other hand, it is also the coolest wishlist item that they’ll surely try at some point if VR keeps growing.

Every Existing Game Mode Available at Launch

Modern Warfare Pistol
Image Source: Infinity Ward

For some reason, the last several Call of Duty games have had rotating game modes, omitted game modes, or added popular ones later on as part of a season. While this gives players a new reason to play a season, it’s annoying when a new Call of Duty launches and doesn’t have the mode you enjoyed the most on the previous installment.

The biggest culprit is One in the Chamber, which was only added in the third season of Modern Warfare 3 rather than existing at launch. I would much prefer if any unique game modes were added. Okay, maybe that will eventually be unsustainable if every game carries this trend forward, but I just want to play One in the Chamber immediately!

All Weapons From Black Ops 1 & Cold War

Black Ops 1 Weapon
Image Source: Treyarch

As Black Ops 6 is the next game chronologically, I would like all guns from the previous two titles to be available at launch. Some of the Vietnam-era weaponry might look out of place in a ’90s setting, but that’s the whole point. Plus, this would fill out the armory nicely.

Black Ops 1 featured plenty of unique weaponry from the period that few other games have ever used. I think one of the Syphon Filter games is the first I have ever seen use the G11, which is a travesty. If we’re getting back to the Woods/Mason timeline of Black Ops, it only makes sense to include the related weaponry.

To keep up with all the latest announcements for Call of Duty Black Ops 6, keep an eye on their blog.

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