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Meta Lock Codes (April 2024)

To be the best is to use everything to your advantage, including codes.

Updated: April 13, 2024

We added the latest codes!

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Meta Lock has really captured the spirit of competiveness seen throughout Blue Lock. Just like any real sport, you need to take advantage of everything you can, too. Meta Lock codes, for example, are an easy way to earn free gifts!

All Meta Lock Codes List

The most common reward from codes in Meta Lock are Spins, which you can use to reroll different aspects of your character, like flows, weapons, and even cosmetics.

Meta Lock Codes (Working)

  • THXFOR15K: x15 Spins (New)
  • CODESPINS20: x20 Spins (New)
  • ThxFor10K: x10 Spins
  • KENGUNONLINE: x5 Spins
  • noobiecode4: x5 Spins
  • noobiecode3: x5 Spins
  • noobiecode2: x5 Spins
  • noobiecode1: x5 Spins
  • Shutdown0: x5 Spins
  • ThxFor10M: x5 Spins
  • srry4shutdown: x5 Spins
  • COPYCAT: x5 Spins
  • HAPPYNEWYEAR: x5 Spins
  • CURVES: x5 Spins
  • TRAP: x5 Spins
  • ACCELERATION: x5 Spins

Meta Lock Codes (Expired)

  • SorryForShutdown
  • ThxFor10KDiscord
  • ControlRework
  • RinRework
  • ThxFor4M
  • rinisgood
  • milk
  • plspass
  • RoadTo2M
  • plscode
  • fayreon_dev
  • BachiraRework
  • code_vollstandig

How To Redeem Codes in Meta Lock

code redemption page in meta lock
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  1. At the bottom of the screen, select Menu.
  2. Now select “Locker” and then choose “Build.”
  3. Right along the bottom, you’ll see the Codes button.
  4. Type in a working code, then hit the Enter key.

How Can You Get More Meta Lock Codes?

Well, you could join the Meta Lock Discord server, assuming you have Discord to begin with. Falling short of that, you can bookmark our page and just check back every now and then. There’s a Meta Lock Roblox group, but you won’t find any posted there.

Why Are My Meta Lock Codes Not Working?

Meta Lock is very particular about how you redeem rewards. On top of double-checking your spelling, codes are also case-sensitive. For example, the code “TRAP” should be typed in all capitals. If you’re having trouble, try copying and pasting, but if that doesn’t work, then the code has expired.

Other Ways to Get Free Rewards in Meta Lock

other ways to earn rewards in meta lock
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Unfortunately, there are no other ways to get free rewards in Meta Lock. You actually have to play the game if you want any kind of reward, which either involves Practice Mode or playing against other players. You can use the money you earn to purchase spins!

What is Meta Lock?

Meta Lock is a riff on Blue Lock, the Japanese manga that revolves around soccer. Naturally, Meta Lock has mechanics similar to the manga, like special abilities, flow, and weapons (Direct Shot, for example). However, this is one of those Roblox games that’s focused on PVP (player vs player), so outside of practice you’ll always play against another player. Bring your A game!

This won’t be the last time you hear about Meta Lock codes. Be sure to come back every now and then for new ones. If there are other Roblox games you play, check down below for a codes guide, like Anime Dimensions!

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