Will There Be Round-Based Zombies in MW3?

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will there be a round-based mode in modern warfare 3 zombies mw3
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Even though Modern Warfare 3 Zombies has launched and players are getting used to the style of gameplay, people are still longing for the old, classic style. Here’s what we know regarding a round-based mode in MW3 Zombies.

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Will MW3 Zombies Have Round-Based Mode?

As of now, there hasn’t been any official statement regarding whether or not MWZ will have any sort of round-based mode. However, there are indicators that it will get some sort of more classic zombies mode at some point in the future, but what it’ll look like or where it would take place hasn’t been made official.

It was discussed prior to the game’s full launch that a more classic-style zombies mode will likely be added prior to the launch of the next Black Ops game in 2024. Casual players and influencers alike have pressed for there to be some form of round-based mode for MW3 zombies, so if Activision wants to really cater to the players, they might add one sooner rather than later.

What Would Round-Based Mode Look Like in MWZ?

modern warfare 3 zombies reward rift
Image Source: Activision via Twinfinite

According to YouTuber CodeNamePizza, the developers describe the current Zombies format as being “round-based” in its own way. The “rounds” so to speak increase in difficulty as you progress further into the exclusion zone, and as you collect permanent rewards, you find yourself facing up against more and more difficult enemies.

Players have suggested that rather than taking the time to make new maps for the round-based modes, Sledgehammer could simply section off parts of the existing map and have those serve as the round-based battlegrounds. That way you can expose more players to areas they might not have gone to otherwise, making the MWZ mode feel more approachable.

For now, that’s all we know regarding whether MW3 will have a round-based zombies mode. All signs are pointing to one coming in a future update or season, but to what capacity still remains to be seen. For more guides like how to complete automated backup or how to craft in MW3 zombies, check back here.

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