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Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Is a Wholesome Experience That I Never Knew I Needed

Cozy with a twist of the undead.

If there were two words I would have never that could be together, it would probably be “zombies” and “wholesome.” Yet, Call of Duty’s most rendition somehow makes it happen, as I find my heart getting full with each passing deadly match.

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Now, you may wonder: What makes Modern Warfare 3 Zombies so wholesome? Well, it all comes down to the latest PvE experience that no longer pits other players against each other to formulate more team-based mechanics. I’ll admit I had a rough time playing DMZ with my constant run-ins with enemy Operators, ultimately leaving me resourceless and embarrassed for trusting them.

Rather than experiencing these acts of betrayal, you’ll instead be greeted with a much more warm welcome (with the exception of the zombies, of course.) Not only will you work together within your squad, but you can get help from other players on the map, making it seem like you’re running a 24-person group. You see, each Operator is on the same side now, so you’ll no longer have to worry about those pesky trolls.

Even as a solo player, I’ve encountered so many friendly players, including one gamer who decided to give me a whole stack of Essence just because. I wasn’t even on their team either, and they walked out into the sunset to never be seen again, almost as if they were my very own Santa Claus.

MW3 Zombies Essence
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Other times, we’ve worked out transactions of our own and exchanged goods to help each other out. These moments make it feel like an RPG in which Call of Duty has established a unique trading system within the Urzikstan map, including weapons, perks, and high-value items.

Another wholesome thing about MW3 Zombies is how much players assist each other when just passing by. Take, for example, a time when I was trying to do a Contract solo, and two players happened to be traveling nearby. The next thing I knew, they were helping me complete the task despite the rewards only being available to me (money only goes to the one with the open Contract.) This has actually happened way more times than I can count, and not just to me but to other players, too.

I’ve seen a lot of people asking for help in the chat, primarily when someone needs to be revived, and the Zombies community somehow always comes in the clutch to save the day. In particular, groups will go out of their way to save someone who isn’t on their team, no matter how far they may be.

Six-person teams also further the MW3 Zombies’ wholesomeness factor as the entire squad tries to protect each other from endless hordes of flesh eaters. Honestly, there’s nothing more adorable than a maxed-out group packed together in a small car, like clowns in a circus.

Although I have seen some players getting upset about the turret glitch that was used to level up weapons, it hasn’t necessarily impacted my gameplay significantly, considering the laggy performances that may come up during this time. For me, at least, I thought it was beneficial for those trying to exfil since it allows them to have a much safer extraction. And, just to give you an idea of what these wholesome moments look like, I’ve put together my favorite ones in hopes of inspiring others to join on this fun ride.

I also genuinely enjoy the cuteness of the Hellhound dogs, who give more meaning to the statement of a “man’s best friend” as they become your ally. They’ll primarily assist you with zombie takedowns, but there is a handy feature that gives them the power to revive you, proving MWZ’s more user-friendly mechanics.

Beyond that, it can sometimes feel very toxic in general in the CoD community, especially as a girl gamer. So, to see it change drastically in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies makes me feel hopeful for the series’ future. The mode truly feels a lot more welcoming compared to DMZ’s isolating features, and I can’t wait to see more wholesome content as the new seasons approach.

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