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Jesus Simulator I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue Gets Release Date in Time for Christmas

I am Jesus Christ
Image via SimulaM

Jesus Simulator I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue Gets Release Date in Time for Christmas

You will be able to play as Jesus Christ himself for free next month.

Today developer SimulaM announced that the free prologue version of “I am Jesus Christ” will be released on Dec. 1.

The Prologue is basically a free game featuring over one hour of gameplay and showcasing the feature of the full game that will be released at a later time. Of course, the full version won’t be free.

It’s coming only for PC via Steam, and it basically does what it says on the tin, putting you in the sandals of Jesus Christ himself as you bring the word of God to the land and perform a variety of miracles.

While the prologue is more limited, the full game (which is scheduled to release in Q2 2022) will simulate the life of Jesus Christ from his birth to resurrection and will feature over 30 of his miracles.

It will let you meet over 60 characters including Jesus’ disciples, Mary, and many more. The news of the release of the prologue come with a video that ends with a new trailer providing a look at the game, and it appears that the performance issues we’ve seen in previous showing have been solved or at least greatly mitigated.

The game is developed in Unreal Engine 5 and a Kickstarter campaign is supposed to launch after the release of the Prologue.

It was originally announced in December 2019 and it immediately gathered wide media attention due to its peculiar subject. While the original proposition may seem a bit strange to some, and many even believed it was some sort of prank when it was originally revealed, SimulaM has been working diligently on I am Jesus Christ for three years, showing quite a lot of content over time and launching multiple beta tests.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see how it will be received, and we’re going to get a glimpse of that when I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue launches at the beginning of next month.

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