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How to Use Interrogation Feature in Warzone 2

Warzone 2.0 and the DMZ let you question your foes for intel. Here's how to do it.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is upping the ante with plenty of new and improved gameplay mechanics to reinvigorate the battle royale. One of the newest features allows you to interrogate enemy combatants to gain intel on the remaining members of their squad. Here’s what you need to know about?how to use interrogation in Warzone 2 to mark an enemy squad.

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How to Interrogate in Warzone 2

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The steps to perform an interrogation are relatively simple, provided you can find a willing combatant to give up their team. To perform an interrogation,?you must first down an opponent, head over to them, and press the corresponding prompt to trigger an interrogation. Let’s break that down:

  1. First, down an enemy.
  2. Now go to their body, stand over them, and then wait for the Interrogate prompt to appear.
  3. Hold the interact button (X on Xbox, Square PS5, F on PC).
  4. You will see an “Enemy Squad Marked” message once the interrogation is complete.

Interrogation is a brand new feature in Warzone 2, though Apex Legends players will know it as working similarly to Ash’s passive, as it allows you to mark the remaining members of an enemy squad upon a successful interrogation. Footage of a successful interrogation has yet to surface, but the effect that’s supposed to happen is the remaining members of the squad will be live-pinged with an effect similar to the Snapshot Grenade. It will also ping their equipment in case your team decides to push the fight.

A couple of important tips regarding interrogation, with the first being, an interrogation takes time. Your character will pull out a knife, and a progress bar will fill up as they get the information needed, so you have to coordinate with your teammates. When interrogating a foe, they will make an audible call out for help, alerting any members in the surrounding area. Also, the Snapshot Grenade effect will dissipate once the interrogated target dies, or if they are revived. This feature works in the new DMZ mode as well.

That’s all you need to about how to interrogate in Warzone 2. Check out all our related content such as the best Al-Mazrah drop spots, a breakdown of the new DMZ mode, or be on the lookout for this new setting that can make looting a bit easier for you.

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