All Ghost Type Weakness in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Don't be scared of Ghosts.

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Ghost is one of the trickiest types to beat in Pokemon, but it’s not invincible. With returning Pokemon Gengar and Bannette, plus new ones like Houndstone, you’ll want to be ready to knock out Ghost Pokemon at a moment’s notice. Here’s everything you need to know about all Ghost-type weaknesses in Scarlet and Violet.

How Do You Beat Ghost Types in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Answered

Sneasel on Glaseado Mountain in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
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Ghost-type is only weak to Dark and itself in Paldea; luckily, there are Houndour in Inlet Grotto and Maschiff in western Paldea for you to catch early on in your adventure. Dark-type is slightly better as a counter because it resists Ghost attacks. Another strategy that can help you is Tertastallizing into a Dark-type if you have a Pokemon like Donphan that knows Knock Off.

Normal-types are immune to Ghost-type attacks but must use anything other than Normal and Fighting attacks to damage Ghost Pokemon. There’s a few Normal and Flying Pokemon in Paldea that can help you here; Staraptor is probably the best one.

Some Ghost Pokemon are annoying because they have secondary types that cover their weaknesses; for example, Sableye is only weak to Fairy-type because it’s Ghost and Dark. Be aware of Pokemon like Sableye, so you pick the best move to win battles.

That’s everything we have on countering Ghost types in Scarlet & Violet. Check out some of our other Pokemon Scarlet and Violet content, like how to find Dusk Stone, do you need to trade Haunter, and how you can trade with your friends.

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