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Pokemon Legends Arceus Tips, Tricks, & Things to Know First Before Getting Started

Pokemon Legends Arceus isn’t just a copy-paste of the last few Pokemon games set in an open-ish world. While yes, the core of the gameplay that has defined the series for years is still there, there are still a lot of things that you want to know first before you get going in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Here are some tips & tricks to kick off your marathoning this weekend.

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Evolution Has Been Changed

Pokemon Legends Arceus Tips & Tricks

things to know before starting pokemon legends arceus

This is one that is going to shock longtime fans of the series. Evolution does not work the same as it did in past Pokemon games. Keep the pitchforks low, though, because while it’s different, unless you’re a purist, it’s hard to argue that it isn’t just a straight up objective improvement.

The main change is that instead of Pokemon automatically trying to level up when they hit certain requirements, you’ll be able to trigger the evolution from the main menu. You’ll get a notification that your Pokemon is ready to evolve and you can opt-in or out of it. Some Pokemon still need items to level up, and once the Pokemon is ready to evolve, you can still use the item to trigger the evolution.

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