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New Cyberpunk Cold War Manga From Goblin Slayer Creator Coming Soon

New Cyberpunk Cold War Manga From Goblin Slayer Creator Coming Soon
Image Source: Square Enix

New Cyberpunk Cold War Manga From Goblin Slayer Creator Coming Soon

Goblin Slayer is an incredible story, so it’s a safe bet Moscow 2160 will be worth the read.

If you have seen the Goblin Slayer anime or read the light novels/manga, you know just what level of spectacle to expect from creator Kumo Kagyu. This time, Kagyu is branching out from the medieval fantasy setting of Goblin Slayer and will instead show how he can handle the sci-fi genre in a futuristic Russian setting that is which will be a cyberpunk take on the Cold War.

This new series is called Moscow 2160 and will be serialized through Big Gangan, the manga imprint that is owned by Square Enix. All of the art will be handled by Sekine Koutarou. The first chapter will come out with the next issue of Big Gangan on Dec. 23. This is, of course, only a Japanese release. We will likely not see an English translation until the first manga volume is translated, which could be a while.

As for the plot, Moscow 2160 is about a world that is still under the tight grip of the Cold War. In Moscow, “mechanized thugs” roam, and conspiracies seem to grow by the day. The story follows someone who is considered a cleaner. Though, we don’t have a full grasp on what exactly that means.

If anything, the Gangan imprint (including the Big Gangan magazine) should give you confidence in the series, even if knowing it is from Kumo Kagyu doesn’t do the trick. Gangan is the same label that first serialized the Full Metal Alchemist manga long before it became two incredible anime series. Considering Gangan also produced Soul Eater, it’s safe to say Moscow 2160 is in safe hands all around.

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